Although he may be the Incredible Hulk or the perfect replacement for a reboot of Columbo, one thing Mark Ruffalo cannot be given credit for is his handling of live social media streaming.

At the recent premiere of Thor Ragnarok, the actor used Instagram's livestreaming feature to show off the red carpet and accidentally left it running in his pocket as the film started. Yes, really.

Close to 2,000 people were listening on the opening moments of the film as audio came through nice and clear from Ruffalo's pocket.

Needless to say, fans made the whole thing worse by talking about it on Twitter - thus bringing more people to the livestream.

Take a look.


The hilarious thing about all this - other than Mark Ruffalo being unable to deal with Instagram - is that Disney and Marvel are notoriously stringent about piracy at premieres. In fact, it's pretty common practice for premieres to have sealed containers for phones before people go in, with security in the screen itself checking for recording and streaming devices.

Maybe they knew about it and were afraid Ruffalo would Hulk out. Who knows.


Via Instagram / Twitter