At what point do politicians learn the most basic, inalienable fact that when they try to associate themselves with pop culture, it always - ALWAYS - blows up in their face?

Donald Trump, for example, compared himself to Elvis Presley when he was a young man - and was laughed at as he always was. The Labour Party, here in Ireland, tried to use a 'Back To The Future' reference for one of its posters and horribly backfired. The Green Party, again also here in Ireland, even used 'Ol Gill from 'The Simpsons' as their unofficial mascot.

The point is that, almost always, it never works because politicians are trying desperately to use it as a means to connecting with voters when all it does is simply reveal how painfully inept as human beings they are. Not only that, you also run the risk of getting massively dunked on by pop culture itself.

Take, for example, Boris Johnson who claimed that the United Kingdom will break out of the European Union like the Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deranged monster doomed to a life of solitude, wandering aimlessly and unable to connect with anyone. Sure, the comparison's valid.

It wasn't long, however, until Mark Ruffalo - the guy who actually plays the Incredible Hulk from the Marvel Cinematic Universe - to weigh in on the whole thing. "Boris Johnson forgets that the Hulk only fights for the good of the whole. Mad and strong can also be dense and destructive. The Hulk works best when he is in unison with a team, and is a disaster when he is alone," Ruffalo tweeted.

Lou Ferrigno hasn't weighed in as of yet, but let's be honest here - the whole Brexit thing is that stupid that anyone, even a crazed gamma-radiation soaked freak of nature, can see is going to blow up in the United Kingdom's face.