Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker is known for his witty Twitter account where he gives Star Wars teasers or just general amusing anecdotes.

Following the announcement of the title of Star Wars Episode VIII – it’s The Last Jedi and you can read our analysis of it here – fans of the sci fi phenomenon were eager to hear what Luke Skywalker himself had to say on the matter.

Rather than turning to social media, Hamill has revealed his thoughts in an interview, which can be seen here:


He explains that he had only just heard the news announced on the car ride to the interview but that he knew the title before: "He told me that when we were making the movie, and I said 'Don't tell me these things'! You know, I talk in my sleep! They have us so jacked up with paranoia over leaks."

He said he likes the title, describing it as having a "real samurai" feel, and that he liked how it was "straightforward and minimalist."

Overall, the segment reveals little and John Boyega, who plays Finn, Hamill’s co-star, in Episodes VII and VIII, was not going to pass the opportunity to poke a little fun:


But Hamill knew just how to react:



Via Twitter