Sounds like a plan to us. Anyone got a spare $1B lying around?

The actor was quick to point out that the GoFundMe campaign, set up by American woman Valerie Wilson, was purely symbolic but was raising money for a very good cause.

He's been a long-time critic of The Donald's tweeting and even read out his holiday greeting in an eerie 'Joker' voice that will give you nightmares.

The U.S President is known for his unbalanced, insulting and down right weird tweets so it's no surprise that people would like to see him off the platform. Remember this little gem?

That's the leader of the free world, people.

At the time of writing, with the help of Mark Hamill, the campaign has raised a very respectable $80,000 for Global Zero, a non-profit organisation leading the resistance to nuclear war.

Their goal is an ambitious $1B and you can find out more here.

Via: THR