What's worse - having a mother who's constantly madouravit or a father who cheats? Oh I know, being subjected to the both while also appearing on a reality TV (FREAK) show. It's come to light in today's Sun that Mark's been carrying on with some bird called "Sam from Chiswick, London." After bedding him, Sam had enough morals to record a phone conversation with him which went something like this - Sam: 'I thought you were married?' Mark: "Me? Married? No, I'm not, no." Sam: "What about Kerry?" Mark: "It's not like that. She's alright, but, she's not my cup of tea. It's about the money, innit? Forget her." Sam: "What was last summer? You cheated on her (with some barmaid apparently). Did it mean nothing, you and I?" Mark: "No, course it did! I wouldn't be ringing you now if it didn't. Me and Kerry have fun but it's more than that with me and you innit?" Meanwhile, and rather unsurprisingly, a friend of Kerry's has told The News of The World: "Kerry has been taking cocaine throughout this pregnancy. I know because I have seen her taking it," the source explained. "It is so sad but she is addicted and in denial. She is spending more than £100 a day on coke. Her friends have tried to tell her the harm she is doing to herself but she just won't listen." The paper also reports that Kerry's been telling friends and family: "It's OK - you can wean the baby off the coke afterwards. It's only booze that can cause serious damage." Oh right, and what about second hand fag smoke, nicotine and sulphites, Kerry? If MTV had any decency they'd pull that programme pronto - the fact it was even made is mind bubbling. The only thing it's succeeded in doing is making Anna Nicole Smith look adept at parenting.