It will surprise few to learn that witnesses on the set of This Morning claim that Mark was as "out of it as Kerry". Her dutiful hubby reportedly had to be forcibly removed from the scuffle with Phillip Schofield.

Phillip said: "Unfortunately she set herself up, or she was set up by the person who brought her in (that would be Mark). What I would have to say is that if you are concerned about your wife - as he obviously is - and you are the person who has accompanied her in a car to bring her into a television studio, and you notice that particular morning her medication or whatever is having an effect on her speech, surely you shouldn't bring her into a studio".

Iceland have no plans to terminate their contract with former Celebrity Mum of the Year: "Kerry is dependent on medication for her bi-polar disorder and if this medication isn't taken at the right time it will result in her appearing disorientated and slurring her words. On more than one occasion we have had first-hand experience of this, and after a short period Kerry has been fit to resume her work. We were unaware of her appearance on This Morning and it is our opinion that Kerry should not have appeared on the programme."

Just as well they're keeping Kerry on - I'm sure they get a load of free stuff from Iceland and it must be easier for young Molly to just pop some frozen delights into the oven rather than having to deal with the preparation of fresh stuff, as well as changing nappies etc.