Mariah Carey is splashing out £115,000 (just €145,000) to send her dogs on a luxury holiday to the UK. That's close to $195,000 in Mariah's money. Don't know what that is in Doggy Dollars, but either way they're some seriously pampered pooches.

Let's break it down. The 44-year-old singer is set to spend £15,000 (we're sticking with the Sterling conversion, otherwise we'll be here all day) on a lavish stay at luxury dog hotel The Paws Seasons in Bristol, South West England, for her eight lucky canines, and she is also forking out £100,000 on a private jet to transport her pups across the pond.

Mariah's dogs, who are named The Good Reverend Pow Jackson, Mutley P. Gore Jackson The Third, Jill E. Beans, Pipitty Jackson, Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, J.J. and Squeak E. Beans (some of which are pure evil, according to a very champagne laden radio interview she partook in), will be treated to various luxuries, including personalised meals cooked by a chef and their own hotel beds during their stay.

An insider said: "They'll be washed, groomed, taken on day trips, sleep in their own hotel beds and the chef will cook them personalised meals, according to a menu plan Mariah's sending over. She's even spending £100,000 to charter a private jet to the UK for their luxury break."

The dog hotel usually charges owners around £60 a day but they were more than happy to order in some extra organic steaks to suit Mariah's pooches' expensive needs.

The Paw Seasons told "Most of our guests arrive with a good supply of their usual food, but if [clients] want us to order in a couple of juicy organic steaks, we'll organise it."

Mariah's big spend on her canine vacation is unlikely to come as a surprise to her pooches as it was recently revealed the singer - who has three-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with husband Nick Cannon - splashes out £28,000 a year getting her dogs groomed. A source said: "Mariah pays for all the spa therapies herself (um, she's worth hundreds of millions, of course she pays for them herself) and doesn't expect any special treatment. Only her dogs get that."

The star - who is worth around £290 million - pays for her dogs to have special animal treatments to ensure they're always looking their best - for impromptu near naked walks in the snow.