And there I was, STUPIDLY focussing on the fashion at last night's launch for, when it was in fact all kicking off between two of life's increasingly irrelevant creatures, ex-TOWIE fodder Maria Fowler and ex-X-Factor's Marcus Collins

Maria asked Marcus for a picture at the launch, and this is the Twitter conversation that ensued. It's, lihke, fierce excitin' 'n tha'.

Fowler: "Drink down my dress. Marcus Collins who said he felt like he was workin when I asked for a pic #bigtime... Ooh Marcus asked why I called him bigtime (because he is) I said coz u were rude so he called me fake n spat in my hair #ouch #bigtime"
Collins: "Does anyone know who this girl is? Whoever she is she is very Very rude and needs to calm down #whythelongface"
Collins: "called a f****** queer c*** by @mariafowler, not standing for homophobic abuse by anyone it's unnecessary and I never spat in anyone's hair... Some people should be ashamed of themselves #homophobia will NOT BE TOLERATED @mariafowler #ignorant"
Fowler: "Throwing the gay line for record am with 4 gay guys here certainly not homophobic. No excuse #everyonesaw rude n ur 'people' just apologised... Off to enjoy my night. Heard he been thrown out good. No one is bigger than anyone else. Regardless of talent etc. #BeGrounded x"
Collins: "@mariafowler I left because your vileness nocked me sick #attheopeningofanenvelope and your a homophobic liar" 
Fowler: ""call me racist I will sue you for defamation... @marcuscollinsUK loooool ok I'm ignorant. Go to sleep. I think your a bit drunk. In the morning you will wake. Cringe And delete ur tweets." 

I can't believe you're still reading either.