If you've watched any episode before the Margot Robbie edition of 'Hot Ones', no doubt you've thought - as we have, from time to time - that the actors are simply acting out how spicy it is.

For one, they're actors. Two, they're doing promotional work for a movie, so what's better news coverage than them freaking out on it? Third, there's a chance there to create a viral moment, not unlike Paul Rudd's time on the show.

Margot Robbie, though? She's probably going to need trauma counselling when it's done as she clearly went through some serious shit. By all accounts, Robbie was game for a laugh and wouldn't have agreed if she didn't think she could do it.

Of course, by the time she got three wings in, the pressure was already on, but it's when she pressed further that things took a serious turn. It's the first time that the on-set medical professional had to tap in and give her some kind of drink that we've never seen before to help calm her down.

So, yeah, it's clearly no joke. Take a look.