There's a saying my aunts have often drilled into me during troubling times, and that is "An empty sack won't stand alone." Now, I'm not comparing Demi Moore to a sack, but she does look a bit empty. It's good that she's out and about, giving two digits in her red dress, but Lord it's eye wincing stuff.

The rest of the attendees at last night's Margin Call premiere in New York comprised of those in with glasses and those without. Those with glasses included Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Paul Bettany, Christian Campbelland Simon Baker.

Zachary Quinto - the only other famous person there sans eye frames (Liev Schreiber didn't have any either to be fair, but he did turn up wearing a helmet and a moped) - probably should consider getting some (glasses) such was the level of earnest squinting.

Then again, Mr. Squinto might have just clocked Demi Moore at that precise moment.