Although some might argue that X-Factor's been under a cloud of suspicion from Day One, this season has really shown up some embarrassing moments of the show's scripted nature.

Already, there's been a "break-in" audition, a pop singer who was previously signed to a Scottish record company and played in front of 80,000 people and an X-Factor spokesperson confirmed that Four Of Diamonds were put together as a group by producers.

The latest gaffe by X-Factor bosses involves Marcus Collins and an Instagram post, which was then hurriedly retracted a day later. Collins posted an image of himself and Gary Barlow, with a caption that read, "That arkward moment when you've already been told something and have to pretend you don't know and are hearing it for the first time (sic)"


The post quickly went viral, with a number of outlets reporting on it as Collins admitting the show was fixed. Collins then posted another image some hours ago, commenting on the "the foolishness that's come off the back of one meme I posted this week! It's just a funny meme someone sent me. you've taken it too far. slow week for 3 national papers. (sic)" 

Given how much of X-Factor's inner workings has been exposed this season, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that Collins was told during his time on the show that he was going to make it through and so on.

The real question, however, is whether anyone actually cares if it's fixed anymore? Over to you, folks. Do you care if it's fixed?

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