Things in March started to quieten down slightly, with little on - apart from The OSCARS, that is. We also had the Royal Television Society Awards (had to make up my own awards to keep awake through that one); our VIP Style Awards (an event so classy even Jordan turned up); and the Empire Movie Awards. We'll kick things off with three Oscar related galleries -  one for the winners, the all important red carpet, and the After Show soirees. Alan Cumming should still be hiding in shame...

The Oscars: "Some dresses looked like a mutated strain of the rare Origami Venus Flytrap (Vera Farmiga). There were those who managed to make their skin into manifold itself into a fleshy 'growth gown', like Anna Kendrick and Demi Moore. Others appeared to have got inventive with bubble wrap, those being Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lopez..."

Royal Television Society Awards 
VIP Style Awards
Empire Movie Awards