If you've been a regular listener to WTF with Marc Maron, you'll know that he and Louis CK have an unusual relationship.

There was a long-running animosity between the two comedians, which eventually thawed a number of years ago and the two have since rekindled their friendship. This week's show opened with Maron discussing the allegations against Louis CK, which CK then confirmed to be true. As to what Maron knew, he said that "knew what most people knew" - namely, that there were rumours about something happening at the Aspen Comedy Festival, but nothing confirmed about it and no names attached to it.

What's telling is that Maron confronted him about the rumours - which Louis CK denied to his face. As Maron tells it, he urged Louis CK to get out in front of the rumours as a means to addressing it, or to "get out from under it," however CK apparently refused as it would "give life to the story." Maron went on saying that, he "believed (his) friend" as no one had come forward with the story and there were "no women attached to it," adding that he didn't know their names until the New York Times broke the story.

It's a pretty lengthy segment in the podcast, with Maron discussing the power structures that allowed it to happen in the first place, how disappointed and disgusted he is with his friend and lots more. There's a full transcript below, or you can just listen to this week's show on Spotify or iTunes.

Here's the transcript.



Via Twitter / WTF