Talk about making the most of a shit situation; a man who claims to have no penis says that he's slept with over 100 women. That's not bad going, in fairness. Fear not, however, he will soon undergo surgery that will give him a penis, making him the first man in Britain to have a penis reconstructed out of tissue from his arm.

Appearing on numerous outlets this week, Andrew Wardle (39) has been busy sharing his story of triumph over adversity. He claims to have totally satisfied more than 100 women, despite not having a penis. As per The Huffington Post, Wardle says the ladies love him, 'cause he's non-threatening.

“Ladies love me because I was completely non-threatening to them... I used my charm and insecurities to get them into bed. Many of my girlfriends became best friends rather than lovers."

Looking forward to becoming what he describes himself as "a proper man", Wardle discusses his thoughts on fatherhood: "I've lived my entire life thinking that I'll never be a dad, but hearing that I could father children terrifies me... When I get it, I'm not sure whether I'll use my new manhood to be a dad or not... I've spent my entire life thinking I would never be able to be a dad - and now with the possibility finally there for me, I don't know if it's something I could come to terms with."

Apparently, an estimated one in 30 million men are born worldwide with this rare condition. What exactly has gone wrong? They are born with their bladder outside of their body (ectopic bladder is the official term) which results in a small fold of skin, roughly less than an inch long, taking the place of the penis.

We wish Andrew Wardle the best of luck with his surgery and may his luck with the ladies continue.