Not Joey Tribbiani/Matt LeBlanc in case you got confused (Remember when Friends was good? Ah the glory days), but a Chinese man en route to Kenya. Now we've all taken issue with those extra baggage charges at the airport, either sneaking a little/a lot more than we're supposed to into our carry-on and winging in, or sneakily wearing those bigger things all the way to the plan only to take them off once you're on board, but this is taking it to a while other level.

The passenger, who was checking in at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in South China, arrived apparently 'looking like a sumo wrestler' and was stopped going through security and found to have batteries, USB drives and chargers stashed in his many, many pockets. He was wearing approximately 60 shirts and 9 pairs of jeans after his bags were over the weight limit and he didn't want to pay the extra charge. Fair play. We've been at it for years.