Ah, the Man United 'Player' of The Season Awards - where multimillionaire ball kickers meet the cast of Corrie for some reason.

On the ball kicking side, we have the Da Silva brothers, Patrice Evra, Sir Alec Ferguson (who's not quite in the ground yet, Tevez), yer man I always mistake for a very attractive lesbian, (recently dropped from the English sqaud for the Euros) Rio Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney's increasing sproutage, Ryan Giggs, and probably the only married person not to be publicly outed as an infidelity enthusiast, and that's why his dulcet tones grace those really catchy A1 Insure.ie ads...

Then, on the side of Corrie, we have Andy Whyment (Kirk), Michael Levell (Kevin Webster, who was cleared of those school girl rape allegations, in case you were wondering), Kym Marsh happily posing with (the man who was recently photographed on a bed canoodling with a stranger in a hotel room) Jamie Lomas, and the woman making my skin crawl of an evening, Shobna Gulati.

I don't know what it is. Is it the fact that her voice is so simpering? Is it 'cause she's merrily bailing out waste of space? I don't know what it is, but I audibly heave whenever she tries to be "sexy". Cracking bangers, but - and this is saying something - I'd prefer to see Dev and Dierdre go at it again - complete with guttural animalistic groans - before seeing Karl grab Sunita's arse in those manky jeans.