Grand romantic gestures are all well and good, but sometimes they crash and burn, in a very literal way. 

Well, at least the crash part anyway, as a man in IJsselstein, Holland decided that he was going to propose to his girlfriend using a crane, so that he could appear outside her window, singing a song to her and then pop the question. 

All was going to plan until the crane lost balance and tipped over, coming smashing down on the roof of a nerighbouring house twice as it had not been properly secured, and residents on the road had to be evacuated from nearby properties. 

Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident as the owner of the house said that, while his daughter normally sleeps in the attic room, she was out of bed before the accident occurred.

The man himself was able to get to safety before the crane tipped over, and she still said yes, so the happy couple headed off to Paris. Something tells us the wedding might be slightly delayed as there are a few repairs to be paid for first.

Via Mashable