This is like something straight out of Freddy Krueger, except that it really actually happened. A man is missing and presumed dead after a sinkhole 100 feet wide opened up under his bedroom in Florida, and rescuers say that there is no evidence that he is alive or could have survived the incident.

The sinkhole occurred naturally early this morning, opening up directly underneath a house containing five adults and a two year old child. The man's brother attempted to save him but ended up needing to be rescued himself by the authorities when they arrived on the scene as the hole expanded from 30 feet to 100 feet in diameter. One of the occupants of the house said that the noise sounded like a car hitting the house, which is now on the brink of being swallowed by the expanded sinkhole which experts reckon could be 50 feet deep. Due to the instability of the house, rescuers are unable to continue search efforts to find the missing man.