Here's an odd story for you.

A man in England arrived at a vet centre with his goldfish, worried that said pet could not poop. Fair enough, so.

A quick examination by the doctors revealed that the goldfish had, in fact, been severely constipated. Without surgery to remove the blockages, they would turn toxic in the goldfish's digestive system and he'd die.

However, for £300, corrective surgery could take place that would save the goldfish. To which the man agreed to after some thought.

The pictures of the surgery show the goldfish being given anaesthesia and put under, with a pebble-sized blockage removed from the fish.

The surgery only took 50 minutes and it's understood that the goldfish is now recovering well, adding an extra eight years to his life.

We didn't even know goldfish could actually be constipated, let alone die from it.

Would you spend £300 on a goldfish? Or is this completely bonkers? Let us know in the comments!


via Gizmodvia