Social media is not beyond the long arm of the law...

If you're on a 'Most Wanted' list, you should probably try and keep a low profile, which involves staying off social media. That's a lesson that Andrew Dale Marcum has learned the hard way after responding to his own 'Most Wanted' ad on Facebook. 

Butler County Sherrif's Office posted the profile and pictures of Marcum to their page recently, as they were hoping to get some information that might lead to his arrest. They described him as very dangerous and advised people not to approach him if they saw him, rather to call 911.

Being the criminal mastermind that he is, Marcum (or someone using his Facebook profile) decided to respond to the post, as people underneath had been providing information to try and assist the officers with their investigations.

Well, at least he wasn't worried. Anyway, it seems the pressure started to increase on Marcum and the net started to close, as the sheriff of Butler County Richard K. Jones was happy to point out on Twitter. 

Marcum eventually turned himself in, and they Sheriff's office were happy to post an update to their Facebook page thanking their social media friends for their help, with an accompanying picture of a rather unhappy looking Marcum.

Presumably that's the face you make when you realise that your Facebook post got you jailed.

Via i100. Main pic via Keith Allison/Flickr