Michael Hanline spent 36 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit, and when he got out, there was only one meal that he wanted to get. 

Released in November of last year, Hanline's case was fought by the California Innocence Project, which works on behalf of those people who have been wrongfully incarcerated. In passing verdict, the judge in the case stated that "in the interest of justice", all charges against him were dropped and that he was now a free man after 36 years. 

Hanline had a couple of things on his to do list, one of which was deep sea fishing where there were no walls and "nothing but blue ocean and blue sky", but he also wanted to sink his teeth into a bacon cheeseburger, just like in the ads on TV. 

It was a pretty special moment when he finally managed to walk free and get his hands on one, but it seems that it won't be his last, as Mile High, the burger joint where he went to for his first meal, are going to give him free burgers for a year so that he can have his fill whenever he wants.

Hanline was wrongfully convicted of the murder of truck driver JT McGarry in 1978, but new DNA evidence proved that he was innocent, meaning he was finally set free. 

Via Independent.ie