You can almost hear this poor unfortunate's thoughts reverberating about the gathered crowd; "What the ffffoliage... Is it some kind've bird? Is it a bird's nest? Maybe a bird's tail? Oooh oh - some bird road kill with some straw mashed in?! A rustic Knickerbocker Glory... ARGH! Half a wreath! A morbid ode to Carmen Miranda?!" The urge to rush to this man and cradle his pulsating brain in my arms, and to softly murmur "it's Sarah Jessica Parker, there is no reason", is overpowering. If ONLY I'd been invited, a man's mind could've been saved. IF I'd been invited. To be honest, I've no idea what it's meant to be (The Sun described it best as a "bizarre butterfly-and-flowers hat"), all I know is that she started regretting its presence right around this point. She then considered a bi-curious dalliance after newly lesbianised Cynthia Nixon started getting all the attention. And why shouldn't she in that dress - which was "midnight blue", fashion hawks, not black. The combined total of their footwear, which included Alexander McQueen (Parker), Louboutin (Kristen Davies) and two pairs of Guccis (Kim Catrall and Cynthia Nixon), came to £1,435 (€1,805). As for the guests; they ensured they didn't outshine the ladies of the moment. Way to do the country proud, Rosin.

When SJP was asked if there was going to be another follow-up movie, she said: "It would be greedy to think that much further ahead and we are not looking beyond today at the moment but if it does happen it will be down to the scriptwriter not me." Good girl, Sarah Jessica, the scriptwriter, not you.

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