As we patiently wait (read: very impatiently) for their Christmas advert to arrive, here's a man named John Lewis to provide us with some light Twitter entertainment in the meantime. 

With Elton John rumoured to feature in this year's John Lewis Christmas advert, anticipation is definitely high as we edge closer and closer to December. We don't know when the trailer will drop, but we've a feeling it is right around the corner.

Now, a man based in Blacksburg, Virginia has arrived just in time to tide us over until we cry tears of festive joy watching the advert. The man's name is John Lewis, and he has wholly embraced the shtick he's receiving on Twitter.

John has over 40 thousand followers, whether they are accidental follows or not, who knows. Apparently he's been receiving messages for years and is constantly being tagged as the retail giant in error. The John Lewis store have been in contact many times, and are thankful for his help. We bet they really want that twitter handle.

John Lewis - the man, not the department store - has been dealing with confusion like a boss since November of 2014.

He's taken trolling to the next level.

It's all in good jest though, as John Lewis - the store, not the man - have been sending him Christmas presents every year.

And just in case you wondered if he knew when the Christmas ad for 2018 will drop, he hasn't the foggiest.