A man convicted of burglary, robbery, and theft has wrongly released from the English prison system, and has been taunting the police over their mistake online.

Ryan Byrne, a 34-year-old who has been described as 5'11, white, and of medium build, was released from Wandsworth Prison in South London, despite only being handed a nine-year sentence earlier this year.

In 2007 Byrne, along with three other men in balaclavas, one of which was his brother, stole £3,800 from a Boots while brandishing a machete. It's still currently unknown as to how the mishap occurred. 

Despite the efforts of the police, there's still no sign of him, apart from the photos that he's been posting of his freedom, which include him drinking pints and standing beside a police van.

A police spokesperson has said "Releases in error are very rare but regrettable occurrences".

According to the spokesperson, the number of prisoners getting wrongly released is down a quarter from 2009/10, which whatever the actual number is, still seems incredibly high. 

Via The Sun