A man from New Zealand claiming to be a 'pastafarian' has a pretty unique driver's licence after claiming his religion demands he wear a colander as a hat.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster takes a pretty lighthearted view of religion and spends the majority of their time endeavouring to point out to folks that, in their opinion, all the differences that people insist on having with their fellow humans on religious grounds are a little bit silly. 

They try to make their point in funny ways, and one 'Pastafarian', as they like to be known, in New Zealand decided to do so by getting his driver's licence snap taken with a colander on his head, as you can see above. 

The resulting licence is a little bit absurd, but he has stated that it is real and legitimate, given that he asked for the right to wear the colander on religious grounds, as it is part of his beliefs. He did a full interview with Campbell Live on New Zealand's TV3, so you can go and check out the video where he explains exactly why he had his photo done like this. 

He's not the first person to try it, however, as a fellow 'pastafarian' in Austria also won the right to do so a little while back, and now has an equally brilliant licence photo. 

Pic via The Telegraph

Via 3News.co.nz