Desperate times call for desperate measures when you're an ex-con trying to hide the fact that you just stole an iPhone. And when one got busted last week, he went to a very desperate length to conceal his thievery.

Trent Patterson and four other men allegedly robbed a Ted Baker shop in New York last week and were arrested after being spotted by a food vendor who called the cops. After being transported to a police station for questioning and detainment, a man arrived in claiming his iPhone had been stolen and that he had traced the phone to the station using an app. When he then decided to call the phone on site to prove it to the cops, the device then rang in a nearby cell. From Mr. Patterson. From inside Mr. Patterson. Yup, he'd stashed it up his bum to avoid it being found on him while he was arrested.

Patterson admitted to the theft on the spot and removed the phone and was charged with criminal possession of stolen property. Let's just hope be glad the phones original owner called him and didn't Facetime him accidentally. Also, we hope he had the thing insured, because d'you think he wanted it back?