Even if you haven't been lucky enough to venture to Disneyland or one of their other theme parks, you'll be somewhat familiar with the 'It's a Small World' ride, infamous for it's insanely annoying and repetitive theme song. The Simpsons have a pretty accurate interpretation of it if you're not. Anyway, as insufferable as the ride is in it's 5 minute-ish duration, imagine being stuck in it for over thirty minutes, with the song blaring in your ears the entire time. That's a sort of hell reserved for torture camps no? Well one quadriplegic man visiting Disneyland California had just that experience.

Jose Martinez and his wife got trapped on the ride four years ago after it broke down, halfway out of the misery but just not far enough. Staff couldn't get the ride to move, but also couldn't turn the music off for well over half an hour, leading to a panic attack and high blood pressure for Martinez. He was treated afterwards and wasn't seriously harmed, and this week he's been awarded $8,000 in damages from Disney for not warning disabled passengers that they may not be able to leave the ride if it became stuck.

Is it just us or does $8,000 seem like not very much considering this was his soundtrack for over thirty minutes? Try going more than five. We're convinced it's impossible.