A 58-year old man has been charged and fined for being under the influence of an intoxicant to such an extent that he was not capable of having proper control over an animal-drawn vehicle.

The Herald reports that Christopher Gunning was stopped by Garda Colm Reid - who was off-duty at the time - on the night of the All-Ireland Final last year at the M1 near Santry. Gunning's horse-and-carriage was holding up traffic on the busy motorway, which was covered in Dublin GAA flags but no lights of any kind.

As Garda Reid explained to the Dublin District Court, Gunning "wasn't able to understand what I was saying, even though I was very close to him... He was barely able to speak a proper sentence. Nothing he could say to me made much sense."

Gunning claimed in court that he had only drank three shandies, yet at the time of the incident, he said that he had six pints of Budweiser.

Judge Michael Walsh found Gunning guilty and fined him €300.


Via Herald.ie