A man in Sweden was found unconscious and later died after being stung while reportedly having sex with a hornet nest. Yes, that is a sentence we just wrote and you just read and we want to wash our brains out with whatever will get rid of the information.

The man known as Hasse was apparently bloated and inflamed so much from stings that his neighbour thought he was a whale carcass, according to the Metro. An autopsy on the body revealed that he had been stung 146 times, 54 of which were on his genitals, which led authorities to do the 1 + 1 = sex with a hornet math equation. Police said they found semen and some the man's pubic hair on a few of the dead insects and on the opening of the nest.

We'll let Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone express how we feel right now.

Meanwhile, animal rights campaigners expressed concern for the hornets. Because of course that's the most important thing here.

UPDATE: Turns out we, as long with the Metro and other news outlets, were duped yesterday and the story was a complete hoax! Metro have ever so nicely redacted their story that we sourced and pretended like they never got fooled, but we freely admit that we fell for it and will leave the story and link as such. Rest assured Sweden is still a virtuous and beautiful country, where hornets can go about their business in peace. Hopefully they're enjoying the Eurovision.