We've got this amazing sunshine, but for how long? Need a new pair of sunglasses? Don't buy anything until you've read our guide.

STEP ONE: Define your face.

Your sunglasses should be an accompaniment to your face. It's not supposed to take up half of your face. Women do that. You're not a woman. You're a man. So you need sunglasses that accentuate your features. Got a longish face? Something a little bigger might be nice. Go for something that's a little bit geometric. In other words, strong lines and no curves and no circular shapes. Something like these below. Look familiar, you say? They're Don Draper's.


STEP TWO: Get comfortable.

There is absolutely no point whatsoever in buying a pair of sunglasses that aren't comfortable. You might think that's a dumb point to make it, but it's true. The more comfortable you are in sunglasses, the happier you'll be. That means checking to make sure that they don't pinch the bridge of your nose. You want to be able to dramatically take your sunglasses off with out marking your bridge and not pulling your face with it. There's a sweet-spot between falling off your face and resting comfortably. It's a tricky one but...

STEP THREE: You pay for what you get.

We can't stress this enough. Sunglasses aren't supposed to be bought at some shitty stall on the way to a match. They're an investment. You wouldn't buy a pair of reading glasses or seeing glasses from a sketchy-looking corner on your way to the beach. So why would you buy your sunglasses there, as well? A good pair of Ray-Ban aviators will set you back in and around €100- €140. Taken care of, they will last you a lifetime. You will never need another pair of sunglasses. This is key and leads nicely into the next step...

STEP FOUR: Stick to the plan.

If you've found a shape and pair of sunglasses that suit you, stick to them. Aviators? Clubmasters? Stick to them. Don't go off and buy a different shape because you think they look cool. Chances are they don't.

STEP FIVE: Less is more.

Let's be straight about this; wrap-around shades stopped being cool in 1993. Everybody else looks like David Cameron wearing them. You don't want to look like him, do you? The main point to remember about sunglasses is that simplicity is the best style guide. The simpler they are, the better they are. If they look like they could have been worn in the sixties and they still look good now, that means they're timeless. That's what you want from sunglasses - lasting power.


STEP SIX: Take care of them.

You know when you buy a pair of sunglasses and they hand you that leather pouch? Don't just f*ck that pouch in the bin or in the side pocket of the car. Keep that thing close to hand. When you're done looking like a slick mofo in sunglasses, put them into the pouch. Don't leave them sitting on the dash or in the passenger seat because they're going to get ruined. Clean them with the little velvet wipe you get with the pouch, as well. Avoid using your shirt because the material is too coarse for them.

FINAL STEP: Avoid colour.

You know those red aviators Bradley Cooper wears in The Hangover? Those ones. Right. You can't pull them off. Don't even think about it. On your best day, chances are you're not Bradley Cooper. You want sunglasses to protect your eyes, not highlight them. Darker colours are your friend. If you want something different, go for faded sunglasses like these below.