It's time for another good idea, bad idea.

Good idea - planning ahead so you don't miss your flight.

Bad idea - calling a bomb scare so you make your flight on time.

A 33-year old Frenchman is currently facing two years in prison and a fine of €30,000 when he called in a bomb scare to Bordeaux-Merginac.

His girlfriend was rushing to a flight and was stuck in traffic, unsure whether or not she'd make the departure gates in time.

So, in an act of desperation / unbelievable stupidity, he called local police and told them there was a bomb in the airport.

A security perimeter was set up around the airport, with many flights either delayed or cancelled until the all-clear was given.

The man in question was arrested some 20 kilometres from the airport and is now due in court on charges.

It's not known if his girlfriend made the flight or not, however.

Good job, guy. Way to go.