A man was left with huge blisters and failing organs after he was bitten by what he believes to have been a black widow spider.

Alex Beer, from Kent, England, said his symptoms started with mild-swelling and sweating before his arm quickly ballooned and he lost the ability to control it. 

The early symptoms started on Friday, but it wasn' until Sunday that they became a serious concern.

"By the Sunday I was sweating constantly and my arm had ballooned with the swelling travelling up my arm at an alarming rate and felt extremely tired and was becoming less responsive.

"At the hospital I was declining pretty fast to the point where my kidneys were starting to fail and large blisters were forming all over my arm.

"This was the result of a spider bite... I am not a gardener. I do not work outside and I have not been abroad".

After two weeks in the hospital Alex returned home, but despite a series of tests, the cause of the problem still wasn't clarified.

He has since published a warning on his Facebook page, as well as another photo of his arm, which despite looking a lot better, still it's a pretty sight.

Via Mirror