A bunch of advertising students in the UK were set a task of making a friend, who had just left the country with his girlfriend,  famous. 

In a smart plan hatched by Anyaa Dev, Advertising agency Antitode decided to make "Marcus" (who works for them) the true love of a woman who'd had a one night stand with him and was desperately seeking to find him.

Naturally, having the posters spread all over London worked, and people began tweeting the pictures while others actually called the number with sightings of Marcus.



‘We put the posters up today at 5pm, and its already trending on Twitter, and we have had about 24 phone calls in the past hour. A lot of people actually pretended to be Marcus,’ she said.

‘We put up around 45 posters, and the funny thing is that he is not aware of this. He’s out of the country, but he should be back soon, so he’ll be pretty surprised when he gets back.’

We expect a Coppers version of this soon. 

Via The Mail