It can’t be easy being the American President’s daughter - constantly in the eye of the media, with every single day, every move you make being watched.

Malia Obama was just trying to have fun and a normal night out at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois.

In a video posted by Radar Online, Malia was 'caught' smoking what looked like a joint at the gig.

Aside from the fact that cannabis was recently decriminalised in Illinois, the girl is eighteen years old and an adult, plus her father, Barrack Obama, previously admitted to smoking pot in his youth. All these factors point to the fact that this really should not be a big deal, and yet Malia is being demonised by the media.

A lot of people have recognised the absurdity of it all and took to Twitter to cry out ‘Let Malia live.’






Celebs and industry professionals are having their say too: