People around the world have been congratulating Germany and commiserating Brazil after the game on Tuesday night, but one Malaysian MP decided to do so by sending an incredibly inappropriate tweet that has sparked a huge controversy.

A member of the Malaysian parliament, Bung Mokhtar Radin, has found himself the subject of newspaper headlines in his home country after sending a tweet that proved to be hugely controversial, congratulating Germany for their win.

There is little wonder as to why either, as he made mention of Hitler, which immediately saw Radin receive plenty of critical feedback from other users of the social media site. As of yet, he has not removed it from his account.



Bung has been quick to comment on the incident also, stating to Malaysian newspaper The Star that it was meant as a joke that was not to be taken seriously, and he wanted to compare how the German team fought on the field against Brazil to how Hitler fought in World War Two.

He did later tweet out an apology which has not done a huge amount to lessen the focus on him either.

The German ambassador to Malaysia, Holger Michael, condemned the tweet, and said that while he appreciates the admiration for the German national team, that they "strongly reject the unacceptable allusion to the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler."

Via BBC News.