It's good news all round for the subjects of Netflix's hit documentary 'Making A Murderer' today as a US judge has ordered the immediate prison release of Brendan Dassey.

Earlier today it was reported that new forensic tests were finally being carried out on Steven Avery's case, and this afternoon in Wisconsin Judge William Duffin, the same federal judge who overturned the conviction of Brendan Dassey earlier this year, ordered that Dassey be freed from prison, under supervision, pending further court developments.

Dassey, now 27, has been in prison since being arrested and sentenced in 2007 to life in the 2005 murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach, alongside his uncle Steven Avery.

The conditions of Dassey's release state that he must submit to the probation and parole office by midday tomorrow the address where he plans to reside, and that must not have any contact with Steven Avery or any of Halbach's family.

Looks like he could be seeing Wrestlemania sooner than he thinks.