... Or EastEnders. Just one of them. Or both of them. She's not that fussed which by all accounts.

In the first of presumably many lifechanging slices of celebrity dirge greeting us today, Kim has asked her people to talk to some other people about plopping her into a UK soap, and fast.

More specifically, the 31-year-old socialite/walking hoop of wonderment has asked a top American movie producer who works in London to speak to their UK contacts about a cameo role in the British soap.

Kim watched Corrie as well as EastEnders on her recent jaunt to the UK (she was hawking her perfume and watching Kanye do something on a throne with Jay-Z) and is eager to make an appearance in either show.

A source told The Sun: "Kim was really impressed with British TV - especially Coronation Street and EastEnders." That's nice. And expected as there's a smidge of actual acting involved. That and she probably appreciated just how "real" all the actors looked. Wouldn't she look like a goddess in comparison?!

The source felt compelled to add: "After watching an episode of Corrie she tried to mimic the northern accent. She'd love a cameo just so she could sneak around the set." Sneak? Best of luck with that.

Stella: "Hey, Karl, barrell needs changein', can you go t' fictional cellar to get' us knew one? This one's dry. And warm. And has hair extensions."

Snoop Dogg was the last American who insisted they wanted to appear in the show. He wanted a job in Peacock's Butchers...

At the time, he said: "My people have reached out to the producers and we're going to do it. They should definitely put some Snoop Dogg in there. I'd have my man David Beckham in there working with me - he's my guy."