Let's look at Guy Richie's filmography, shall we? Just to, you know, make an obvious point. Again. It can be broken down as films devised prior to Madonna and then films devised post Madonna. Prior films = good. Post films = bad. Guy evidently knows this and therefore isn't wasting energy on making any new films; instead he's rehashing old ones. Unfortunately, the film in question is 'Revolver.' You might recall it was released over here in 2005 and was pretty much panned for residing up its own hoop. Now the film has been rejigged for an American audience, which I'm assuming means it's being told the right way round. "A pal says the flick was marketed to British audiences as a comedic romp similar to Ritchie's 'Snatch' - but it left them confused by its more "cerebral" theme. (Or "pretentious style and fractured storytelling," as The Hollywood Reporter sniffed). Seemingly this comment from the New York Daily News must have shell-shocked Guy as he's actually letting the missus get involved. According to reports, Madonna is hoping to "use her celebrity status" to promote the film Stateside. So she's hoping her star power will help the film, which faltered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival and was slammed by UK critics. And she plans to do this by inviting the likes of Howard Stern, Helena Christensen, and Ivanka Trump to a VIP preview on Sunday... Her hubby obviously needs to spend some quality time alone with 'Swept Away.'