That's him in the middle, there. I know, hasn't he grown! That was probably what Madonna was thinking when she posted this picture to Instagram. Yep, I assumed it was posted by one of his mates too.

The singer put a picture on Instagram of her 13-year-old son with two friends, posing with bottles of vodka and gin, captioned: "The party has just begun! Bring it! 2014."

As it happens, Madonna is currently holidaying with her family, skiing in Gstaad, Switzerland, where the legal drinking age is 16. OK, so that would make Rocco three years below the legal drinking age - which is when some people start drinking... Nope, there's no point in trying to cobble together a rational in this instance.

While Rocco is seen posing with the bottle of spirits, he's not seen drinking it, and Madonna says he didn't consume any alcohol. By way of defense, Madonna posted: "No one was drinking we were just having fun! Calm down and get a sense of humor! Don't start the year off with judgement! (sic)"

However, Instagram user Abbiesturm wasn't impressed, posting under the picture of Rocco: "I work in addictions and see tragedy daily. I care enough about even Madonnas child to speak my view that it is poor judgment to glorify substances to children."

Mother of four, Madonna, previously admitted she wishes she were a tougher parent, saying: "I think I am [tough], but honestly I don't think I'm as tough as I should be. I think I need to be maybe tougher. It's hard though. Everyday is a negotiation."