We're not sure God would be too thrilled about this. Not due to the whole incestuous sounding nature of it all - because it's just a casual blessing. God likes a certain amount of pomp and ceremony, if the majority of churches worldwide are to be believed.

Funnily enough, Jesus's dad is "extremely happy" his son is getting "married" to Madonna, and he said as much to Brazil's version of Who magazine (it's called Quem): "The Kabbalah ceremony (that) will link up my son Jesus Luz and Madonna only confirms that he is extremely happy. I don't know if there will, in fact, be a real marriage between Madonna and my son. It will be a type of ritual, but I do not know Kabbalah (or if the ceremony) will have legal validity". I'm guessing he hopes it does. He should have a word with Ashton and Demi.

Papa Jesus (real name Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz), also said: "She has small children, and Jesus helps her out with various tasks involving all of them. He plays ball with the kids. Jesus has charisma and loves children... I've spoken by phone with Madonna - in French, because my English is not fluent - and she appears to me to be a normal and polite person. She is feminine. I don't feel she is a harsh person."

Forgive me, but doesn't it sound like Madonna's doing her manny? Then again, this is probably a ropey interpretation of Luis's native tongue and therefore reads a little differently. I mean, he refers to her as "feminine" and not "harsh" - talk about lost in translation, wha! *slaps thigh*