You just can't trust old boyfriends with sex messages. It would seem some of exes are willing to wait over 15 years before leaking their wares.

The "memorabilia" in question includes faxed erotic letters, naughty photos and sordid videos. The film in question, entitled Snake Eyes Wife Swap Footage, sees Madonna whips out her boob "while appearing to snort cocaine and inhale nitrous oxide (poppers to you and me)... And then she lets co-star James Russo snort cocaine off her body."

A source talking to The Mirror said: "This is extremely private memorabilia. Never in a million years did Madonna think it would be made public. She is mortified. Some of this stuff makes her Sex Book of the 90s look tame. That this has all come to light is horrendously embarrassing. To say that she is furious is something of an understatement. Madonna is desperate to shield her four children from her more sordid early days. This could hardly have come at a worse time."

How about just before she miraculously managed to get a turnaround on the Mercy adoption? That might've been a worse time. As for her being "mortified"; HAH! This woman currently humps a guitar for a living. Or maybe she doesn't like being reminded of how she used to look. Or perhaps she's worried no one will put a bid in on the auction (Gotta Have It! auction site are currently pricing the video tape at $10,000).

So, who's the ex-boyfriend? His name is Jim Albright and, according to The Mirror: "He started work as her bodyguard in 1922 and mixed business with pleasure for two years."

C'mon now, she's getting on (she had to resort to fax machines as a method of saucy communication, for jaysis sake) but she was hardly cavorting with a security sort during the roaring 20s...