All the middle-aged crotch flashing and child adoption has paid off - Madonna has been named the most talked-about celebrity of the decade.

Digital Spy reports that the 52-year-old singer has been mentioned more in the UK print press than any other star in the last 10 years, with 46,017 namechecks - almost double the number of mentions garnered by those in second and third places; Simon Cowell and Robbie Williams, who received 29,888 and 28,563 mentions each.

According to Kantar Media, contributing to Madonna's mentions in the last decade were "her marriage and divorce to Guy Ritchie, subsequent relationships with Jesus Luz and Brahim Zaibat, the birth of her son Rocco, now 10, adoption of tots David and Mercy, and four huge world tours in support of new material."

Simon Cowell can comfort himself with the knowledge that he has been been mentioned more in the UK press than anyone else in 2010.

Top 10 most talked about celebrities of the noughties include:

1. Madonna (46,017 namechecks)

2. Simon Cowell (29,888)

3. Robbie Williams (28,563)

4. Kate Moss (28,056)

5. Britney Spears (27,588)

6. Victoria Beckham (25,833)

7. David Beckham (24,953)

8. Michael Jackson (24, 688)

9. Sir Paul McCartney (21,556)

10. Kylie Minogue (19, 694)

No Cheryl Cole. How refreshing.