Judging by the feedback you gave us from Madonna's gyrating, thong exposing Dublin Aviva gig, it's safe to say you weren't all that impressed by the Queen (or oul one) of pop's performance. As it happens, neither was Paris.

While we had the decency to bop along to some of her more enjoyable numbers, and overlook her penchant for thrusting and the likes, the Parisiennes took an altogether different approach. As Madge and her minge - apologies - took to the stage last night in Paris, continuing on another leg of her European MDNA tour, the French audience thought 'feck that', booed her stage and called her a sl*t. Nice.

As per Digital Spy, some members of the audience were rightly irked when she finished her set after just 45 minutes of performing which she paired with a simultaneous broadcast on YouTube.

As you'll see below, fan-filmed footage of the aftermath of her show features members of the audience screaming "Rembourssez! Rembourssez!" ( which means "We want our money back!") and chanting the French word for "sl*t" in the direction of the stage. Oh and they also threw empty bottles and cups up there too. Is this a bit much? Did she really deserve this?

She must be pretty used to the controversey at this stage of the tour though, she's already pissed us off, she's DEFINITELY pissed Paris off and don't forget about that lawsuit she was threatened with for using images of right-wing French politician Marine Le Pen during her show which she had doctered to include a Nazi swastika symbol. Just give it up, Madge.

Probably time to pack it in and become a full time yoga/Kaballah/whatever-it-is-that-you-do instructor. Watcha think?