Sure you may have been rained on like a shower of shivering rats but last night's weather wasn't going to stop you from seeing your teen idol Madonna strut her stuff on stage at the Aviva Stadium. Despite warnings that Madonna may have been too frightened to perform in the event of thunder and lightning, you still queued in your droves, you purchased cowboy hats with fringey bits and by looking at these pics, Madge still had her fun and no electrics went on fire. So, good time? Bad time? Soaked to the point that not even Like a Prayer could cheer you up? One too many eyefuls of Madge's minge put you off your curry chips on the way home?

I'm not a Madonna fan myself and was thankfully tucked up in bed, the rain beating down outside as I attempted to get through the second installment of Fifty Shades of Shite - seriously, crap book - but I must say it would have been interesting to see the superstar pull down her trousers and reveal her thong to a crowd that The Irish Times' Conor Pope described as being like one giant hen party. Why would she do that? *Shudder.

Can we not all agree that Madge is a little too long in the tooth to be shoving her arse in our faces? Isn't her performance exciting enough without that? Take this pic for example, there's just NO NEED!

Maybe you had to be there though. Anyhoo let us know how you got on - we're dying to know - and don't miss our gallery of performance pics below.