Here, I didn't see that one coming at ALL; did you?!? Even when rumours were rife that the singer was romancing A Rod (or when his wife divorced him swiftly afterwards). Nor when Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, insisted her client's marriage was still on track and frenetically passed out pictures of them looking half dead at an Italian restaurant. When Piers Morgan said Rosenberg had lied to him many times as The Mirror's editor, and predicted the couple would split once Madonna's tour needed extra publicity during its halfway point and Guy's film had been released, I thought he was being uncharacteristically cynical. Even when Guy had the gall to say his wife looked attractive in her tour costumes, I didn't smell a rat; I just thought 'love is truly blind'. Nor when she looked less than impressed at the premiere of RocknRolla... I just assumed she was bored 'cause the film was pants, you know? I'm just so... just so disillusioned right now. Here are some facts from The Sun... I need to lie down.

"A statement confirming their marriage is over has been prepared and is set to be released imminently… Guy has flown back from France, postponing filming of his new movie (plug) Sherlock Holmes, to break the news to his parents. This week he will take his possessions from the couple's London home, which Madonna owns, and move into their Wiltshire home, which he owns… Madonna - in New York on Monday night for the premiere of her new movie (plug) Filth And Wisdom - initially planned to move back to the US with their three children in July... A source said: 'When Madonna first moved to the UK, she loved the idea of becoming an English rose. But slowly it turned sour. She decided she hated hunting and quickly dropped her 'hobby' of going for a pint of bitter with Guy in the local pub. She doesn't have many friends here and as she has turned 50 she has become very philosophical and started wondering what it's all about... It doesn't help that Lourdes has decided she wants to spend more time with her real father, Carlos Leon, in New York. Guy is very keen for Lourdes to have a good relationship with him, but it means Madonna can use that as an excuse to spend more time in America'...  Dancer Carlos has been living in Madonna's New York apartment for the last few months, overseeing renovations in preparation for the star's return. During that time they have rekindled a close relationship."