We were surprised he wasn't arrested for 'crimes against arrogance', but - as it happens - he was knicked for refusing to refrain from using his phone... on the quiet carriage of a Leeds to London train. Kerayzay.

According to Heatworld.com, the man famous for bleached hair, being a toff, and marketing sweets for what appears to be the tween market, was "stopped by transport police at Peterborough after refusing to put his phone away. Subsequently, he was arrested and taken off the train after refusing to give officers his details. Jamie was then questioned at a police station, where he accepted a caution for “offensive and unacceptable behaviour."

So, acting normally for him then. The arresting officers have obviously never turned on E4 of a Monday night.

For those of you perched on the edge of your seats wondering if he was allowed to resume his journey?!??! He was.

And there endeth (one of) today's (many) non-stories.