In case you hadn’t heard, seen, or had it rammed down your internet hole, Superbowl XIVLEIXABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP (49) was on last night, with the New England Patriots edging out the Seattle Seahawks 28-24.

As usual with such a massive sports event, those following it had to endure two full weeks of thoughts, analysis, breakdowns, and predictions clogging up their news feed.

But with endless hours of gameday talk everywhere you look, and everyone claiming to be an expert, how do you decide who to listen to. I mean, if they’re wrong, all of the stats and thoughts you regurgitate to your friends will make you seem like an idiot.

Well it turns out the only people who knew what they were talking about were the guys from Madden 15, holed up in a dark room somewhere, more than likely making a fortune of their Playstation-assisted prediction.

Sure, they may have gotten the score right, and they had the Patriots coming back from 24-14 down, but they left out the Missy Elliot half time appearance or what celebrities on Twitter had to say about it, Kanye West’s aversion to selfies, and they couldn't event predict any of the ads, which is a little embarrassing. 

Still, impressive enough, but it’s over now, and we’re about to trade in Madden for NBA 15 or NHL 15 to get our next hit of American culture, so we have a reason to be up at 4AM on a Sunday. Some more tips would be welcome, so, you know, getting cracking lads.