Macaulay Culkin doesn't court the celebrity scene much - apart from getting funky with Har Mar Superstar during a gig with his band The Pizza Underground, and reprising his Home Alone character in a sketch that will haunt our dreams for years to come. Hence why people are finding his recent interview with Vulture particularly insightful. Does the 35-year-old child star have a career, for example? Nope. he's retired. 

"I'm a man in his mid-30s who's essentially retired... I kind of go where the wind takes me a little bit." Said wind usually softly propels him towards "painting", journaling in his "notebooks", and "whatevering."

As for where he conducts these pursuits; he now divides his time between New York and France. Speaking of being recognised in America, he says: "Even if I don't get bugged, it's looming, it's there." As for France: "It turned out that no, they recognized me, they just didn't care... I was like, 'Where have you people been my entire life?'"

Of that now infamous online sketch for DRYVRS where he embodied a foul mouthed Kevin McCallister with serious abandonment issues, he added: "I warned Jack (Dishel) that this was going to be a viral thing. I was happy for it to bring attention to his show, but I don't think I'll do anything like that again. I want to make sure it's Jack's show, not the Mack show."

As for why he was talking with Vulture, he's making a "DIY Aladdin movie" with his mate Adam Green.