A video showing bar staff at Berlin on Dame Street, Dublin pouring shots directly into people's mouths has been circulating on Twitter and provoked some strong reaction from both punters and vintners' groups.

The video, which was appeared on Twitter yesterday evening, has been viewed 143,800 times since it was first posted. Not only that, but videos from other angles of the same incident have also circulated online.

The Licensed Vintners Association issued a statement via Twitter, describing the incident as "outrageous and appalling," adding that the business should be shut down immediately.

The video surfaced online as 200 new cases were confirmed yesterday by the HSE, with pubs nearby such as The Long Hall, Hogans, and The Lord Edward have all been closed for five months now.

As well as this, a Twitter campaign to support closed pubs due to the pandemic - #SupportNotSympathy - was circulating online at the same time that the videos made their way online.

Berlin have not yet made any public statement on the incident, and have since deleted videos from their Instagram that showed it taking place.