Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith have reportedly split (again). This is the top story today (The Sun have even given it priority over George Michael postponing his gigs due to the small matter of him being hospitalised with pneumonia), so enjoy!

The couple, who recently moved in together (the death knell of many a union - especially when you throw in having Jamie Winstone as a flatmate), have apparently decided to call time on their 18-month relationship after hectic work schedules drove them apart.

Someone spouting off said: "It's been hard for them to find time together. This has come as a surprise to everyone. It was thought they'd be together for a really long time because they were so into each other. They always seemed so happy together. Matt was besotted with Daisy and she adored him (when she wasn't being really obsessive and needy at festivals). It's really sad that this has happened, but as they're both so in demand at the moment it was really difficult for them to find time together."

But another factor is said to have been *gasps* 29-year-old Matt's reluctance to settle down. "Whenever engagement and marriage was mentioned he was uncomfortable. He's still a young man and the thought of being tied down was a lot to digest," added the insider.

A spokesman for both Daisy and Matt refused to comment, yaddah, yaddah.